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TCS is fortunate to have a team of professional and knowledgeable staff drawn from a variety of healthcare and other fields, ably led by a management team dedicated to provide you with the best quality of service on a round the clock basis.

Rizk El Khoury - C.E.O.

Rizk is a founding shareholder in TCS and has been its CEO since its creation. Rizk has over 15 years of experience in the insurance, reinsurance and TPA industries. Rizk oversees daily operations at TCS and ensures that the vision and directives of its board is implemented. He has also played an active part in strategy development, implementation and management of regional and international firms, which has included him holding executive positions of several firms including insurance companies. Rizk also sits on the Board of several affiliated companies in Lebanon, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt.

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Mohammed Al Masri - Deputy C.E.O.

Mohammed is a graduate of The American University of Beirut and has a background in both the fields of Emergency Nursing and Medical Insurance with an experience of 8 years. Mohammad has been with TCS since its creation and headed the Client Service Team and Claims Management Team for over five years. Mohammed is currently named as the Deputy C.E.O. of TCS and is currently responsible for its operations, Data Management/Reporting, and oversight of staff of the various Units in TCS. Mohammed is also involved in the Planning, Development, and the Implementation of IT and workflow systems within TCS. Mohammed is a consultant at international councils and is as well a member of SHIB Committee of the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance.

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Dr. Ahmad Ismail, M.D. - Medical Director

Dr. Ahmad's background of extensive experience in network management and medical insurance within the Saudi market spans over 15 years. Dr. Ahmad has been with TCS since its creation. Heading the medical team at TCS, Dr. Ahmad is responsible for, Quality Control, Medical Auditing, and overseeing the Medical Officers with particular attention to medical decision making and cost containment. Furthermore, Dr. Ahmad is responsible for contract and price negotiations with providers, and maintaining good relationships with providers.

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Amir Al Sinan - Business Development & PR Manager

Amir joined TCS's management team in 2008. Amir's experience in the insurance industry spans more than 6 years. Amir is responsible for oversight of Client Service Team and Business Development operations, risk assessment, and monitoring. Amir also serves within an advisory role with respect to the performance and the conditions of the clients' running, renewed, and new business.

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Nazih Stephan - I.T. Manager

Nazih's background in information technology for insurance spans 11 years. Nazih has been with TCS since its creation as the head of both the Technical Support and System Development sections of TCS' I.T. department. He is responsible for the development and maintenance of TCS's hardware and software resources.

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