6 Ways To Prevent Memory Loss
Memory Loss

Memory loss due to ageing can be a frightening matter, however, research has shown time and time again that a person can prevent mental health decline by following certain lifestyle rules, summed up in:


Consistent and daily exercise such as walking, swimming or cycling has a myriad of health benefits.


Activities as simple as taking on a new hobby, computer classes, and reading help you stay mentally active.

Eliminate smoking

Research show that non smokers remember names and faces better than smokers do.

Eat right

A healthy diet rich in nutrients may preserve brain function and memory.

Early to bed

Having 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night is ideal to recharge your memory.

Cultivate social support

Social support can come from friends, relatives, or caregivers, but to be truly supportive, relationships must make people feel good about themselves.


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