8 Things Your Diabetes Doctor Wants You To Do
  1. knows your numbers: diabetes is, like it or not, a condition with a lot of different numbers to understand and keep track of, and they’re important: A1c, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney function.
  2. Monitor blood sugar: the optimal frequency of testing differs from person to person, but nearly everyone does better if they understand the effect of exercise, or certain foods and of changes in medicine dosage (particularly insulin).
  3. See an ophthalmologist: fortunately, eye problems do not affect many people with diabetes, but when these occur, they can be very bothersome and there are now extremely effective ways of preventing and of treating most of them.
  4. See the dentist: common dental problems can have important effects on diabetes and most people with diabetes should have at least two dental examinations every year.
  5. look at your feet every day: diabetes can reduce nerve function, so you might not feel cuts or bruises that would normally cause pain .Check the bottoms of your feet, rub skin cream on them at night, make sure to have shoes that fit properly and ask your doctor to look at your feet at every office visit.
  6. Exercises: exercise should be part of the way you treat your diabetes every day! There are now step counter apps available for most smart phones that will help you to understand how much you’re doing. This is a very healthful way of managing your diabetes.
  7. Know what you eat: pay attention to what you’re eating. Keep a food log. Count carbs. Portion control is important, as is avoiding foods that are high in sugar.
  8. Talk to your doctor: make a list of things that concern you and discuss them with your doctor at your next appointment. If you feel stressed, anxious, angry or depressed be sure to share those feelings with your doctor.


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