Sugar in the fruit

Fruits are healthy as they contain lots of fiber and other essential nutrients for the body, but they also contain natural sugar. It necessary to know the amount of natural sugar found in each kind especially if you are trying to lose weight or have diabetes.

Some of the most common fruits and the amount of sugar in each:
  • One cup of grapes: 15g
  • One cup of cherries: 18g
  • One cup of strawberries: 8g
  • One cup of raspberries: 5g
  • One wedge of watermelon: 17g
  • One wedge of melon: 5g
  • One mango: 45g
  • One pear: 14g
  • One banana: 18g
  • One avocado: 1/2g
  • One guava: 5g
  • One papaya: 12g


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