Ditch The Carbs
Low Carb Meal
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Soda & Fruit juice. Water & Lemon or Milk.
Burgers & Fries. Bun less burgers & Salad.
Bread & Sandwiches. Salads, Egg wraps, Lettuce wraps.
Snack Foods. Cheese, Olives, Veggies, Cold meat.
Ice cream. Low Carb Cheesecake.
Processed Meats. Real Meat.
Pasta. Vegetables Pasta.
Sweets & Confectionery. Dark Chocolate.

Baking hacks

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Flour. Ground almonds or Coconut flour.
Breadcrumbs. Ground Almonds.
Margarine / Seed oils. Butter, Olive oil, Coconut oil.
Frosting / Icing. Ganache, Cream Cheese frosting.
Sugar. Stevia or Sweetener of choice.

Pantry & Fridge hacks

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Toast & Jam. Smoothies & Berries.
Rice. Cauliflower Rice.
Fruit & Flavored yogurt. Natural yogurt & Fresh berries.
Sweets & Confectionery. Dark chocolate, Nuts, Berries.
Cereals. Eggs, Bacon, Grain free granola.
Mashed Potatoes. Mashed Cauliflower.


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