Hand Washing
Hand Washing

When to wash your hands?

  • Before holding and caring a newborn (shower, diaper change, feeding, etc...).
  • Before and after toilette.
  • When hands are visibly soiled.
  • After using the washroom (includes changing diapers).
  • After blowing your nose or after sneezing in your hands.
  • Before and after eating, handling food, drinking or smoking.
  • After touching raw meat, poultry, or fish.
  • After handling garbage.
  • Visiting or caring for sick people.
  • Handling pets, animals or animal waste.
  • After return from grocery shop.
  • After arriving from school, work.
  • Before inserting your contact lenses.
  • After smoking a cigarette.
  • After playing outside.

How to wash your hands properly

When there is no soap or water available, one alternative is to use hand sanitizer.


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