Health Benefits of Beets

Beet tops are one of very versatile, nutritious green-leafy vegetables. The greens indeed very low in calories; 100 grams hold just 22 calories. They are one of the healthiest greens recommended in the diet for their low fat, no cholesterol but health benefiting vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Garden beet is very low in calories (provide only 45 kcal/100 g), and contain zero cholesterol and small amount of fat. Its nutrition benefits come particularly from fiber, vitamins, minerals, and unique plant derived anti-oxidants.
The roots compose of moderate levels of potassium; 100 g fresh root hold 325 mg or 7% of daily requirements. Potassium lowers heart rate and regulates metabolism inside the cells by countering detrimental effects of sodium.
High quality nutrition profile of beet greens offer protection from vitamin A deficiency, osteoporosis, iron-deficiency anemia, and believed to protect from cardiovascular diseases and possibly colon and leukemia cancers.


At home, trim the top greens an inch above the root since they deprive nutrients and moisture from the root. To store, keep them in a perforated plastic bag and place inside the refrigerator set at relative humidity of over 95%. In this condition, its greens stay fresh and vital for about 2-3 days. Beetroot can be kept in the refrigerator set at high relative humidity for few weeks.


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