Lifestyle changing during Ramadan for hypertension person
  1. Lifestyle changing during Ramadan:

    • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of fluids from Iftar until Suhoor to prevent complications that may occur.
    • Salt: Reduce salt consumption
    • Diet: Control food quality and quantity, avoid faty food
    • Physical activity: A while after iftar, go for a walk (4km at least), several times a week
  2. Medication during Ramadan:

    • Most medication prescribed for people with high blood pressure need to be taken once or twice a day. Typically these medications will have a 12 – 16 hour effect. The tablets can be taken at Suhoor, and during the evening at iftar.
    • Patients who have tablets prescribed three times daily are likely to have short acting drugs. For these patients, it recommended to ask their physicians.


"Lifestyle Changing during Ramadan for Hypertension ." Tips for Those with High Blood Pressure Fasting during Ramadan,