Non dairy calcium & vitamin D rich foods

I.  We all know that milk is a great source of calcium, but you may be surprised by all the different foods you can work into your diet to reach your daily recommended amount of calcium.

1. Kale

As if you needed even more healthy incentive to eat your greens, turns out a cup of raw kale is loaded with a full 90mg of calcium. That means a 3.5 cup kale salad provides even more of the bone-builder than one cup of milk.

2. Orange

While this citrus fruit has a reputation for being loaded with healthy vitamin C, one navel orange also provide 60mg of calcium.

3. Sardines

Three ounces of sardines, canned in oil with the bones, packs an impressive 325 mg per serving, or 33 percent of your daily value.

4. Sesame seeds

An ounce of sesame seeds is loaded with 280 mg of calcium. Almost as much as an entire one cup glass of milk.

5. Soybeans

One cup of soybeans, boiled without salt, packs 261 mg of calcium.

6. Almonds

A one ounce serving of the nut provides 80mg of calcium.Not to mention that it can help to tame high blood sugar , promote weight loss and cut cholesterol.

7. White beans

Just one half cup of white beans is loaded with close to 100 mg of calcium.

8. Salmon

We already know salmon is a nutritious fish, loaded with healthy fats and protein. It turns out, three ounces of canned salmon with the bones has a whopping 181 mg of calcium.

9. Dried figs

Just two dried figs offer 55 mg of calcium.

10. Arugula

The next time you whip up a salad, consider throwing in a few handfuls of arugula; one cup is loaded with 125mg of calcium.

11. Turnip greens

One cup of boiled turnip greens is loaded with close to 200mg of calcium. That means piling a little extra on the plate could make it as calcium rich as one cup glass of milk.

12. Broccoli

On top of a host of other health benefits; this green superhero of the vegetable world has 180 mg of calcium loaded into a cooked one cup serving.

13. Tofu

One serving of hard tofu made with calcium sulfate provides just over 150mg of the nutrient.

14. Sunflower seeds

A one ounce of dried seeds has 50 mg of calcium.

15. Okra

A cup of cooked okra delivers 172 mg and is great fried, boiled, or served alongside pretty much any meat.

16. Collard greens

A cup of boiled collard greens has 266 mg, have the same function in cooking as lettuce. Try substituting collard greens for lettuce the next time.

17. Celery

Two cups of raw celery have 81mg, by combining celery with peanut butter; you can indulge in a delicious flavor full snack that helps fill your daily quota of calcium and protein.

II.  4 health benefits of calcium & vitamin D

  • Bone up on calcium to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Calcium will keep you slim and trim.
  • Calcium may combat cancer.
  • Calcium is heart healthy in moderation.


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