Tips for a Healthier Life
Healthy Living

Healthy living to most people means both physical and mental health are in balance or functioning well together in a person. In many instances, physical and mental healths are closely linked, so that a change (good or bad) in one directly affects the other. Consequently, some of the tips will include suggestions for emotional and mental "healthy living."

12 tips to live a healthier life:

1.    Drink more water

The amount of water we need is dependent on various factors such as humidity, your physical activity, and your weight, but generally we need 2.0-3.0 liters of water, or about 8-10 glasses, to carry out our body functions, remove waste, and carry nutrients and oxygen around our body. Since we lose water every day through urine, bowel movements, perspiration and breathing, we need to replenish our water intake. Furthermore, drinking more water actually aids in losing weight.

2.    Get enough sleep

7 hours of sleep is the minimum you should aim for each night. When you don’t rest well, you compensate by eating more. Usually it’s junk food. Get enough rest and you don’t need to snack to stay awake. Also, lack of sleep causes premature aging, and you wouldn’t want that.

3.    Exercise

Not just a few times a week, but at least 30 minutes every day. Research has shown that exercising daily brings tremendous benefits to our health, including increase of life span, lowering of risk of diseases, higher bone density, and weight loss. Increase activity in your life. Choose walking over transport for close distances. Climb the stairs instead of taking the lift. Join some aerobics classes.

4.    Pick bright-colored foods

Fruits and vegetables with bright colors are usually high in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are good for health because they remove free radicals in our body that damage our cells. So get your fill of fruits/vegetables of different colors: White (Bananas, Mushroom), Yellow (Pineapples, Mango), Orange (Orange, Papaya), Red (Apple, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Watermelon), Green (Guava, Avocados, Cucumber, Lettuce, Celery), Purple/Blue (Blackberries, Eggplant, Prunes).

5.    Healthy diet

All humans have to eat food for growth and maintenance of a healthy body.

  • Man needs around 2500 kcal a day to maintain his weight. For woman, that figure is around 2000 kcal a day and for children 1400 kcal a day.
  • Eat small meals. Choose several small meals over a few big meals a day. In general, eat when you feel hungry, and stop when you’re full.
  • Eat three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner); it is important to remember that dinner does not have to be the largest meal.
  • Choose foods that are low in saturated fats, Trans fats, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and sugars.
  • Avoid rewarding children with sugary snacks; such a pattern may become a lifelong habit for people.
  • Avoid heavy meals in the summer months, especially during hot days.

6.    Breathe Deeply

Most of us don’t breathe properly we take only shallow breaths and breathe to 1/3 of our lung capacity. A full breath is one where your lungs are completely filled, your abdomen expands, and there’s minimum movement in your shoulders.

7.    Improve your posture

Good posture improves your breathing and makes you look smarter and more attractive.

8.    Cut out soda and caffeine

Drinks with caffeine are diuretics, meaning they speed up the rate of urine production. Hence, these drinks do not contribute to your 8 glasses of water/day requirement they actually take away from it! Soda is unhealthy, causes weight gain and is an artificial stimulant among other reasons. Ditch your soda and go for plain water or vegetable juices instead.

9.    Stop smoking and avoid second hand smoking

It has been extensively proven that smoking/passive smoking is detrimental to health, severely increasing the risk of lung cancer, kidney cancer, esophageal cancer (of our gullet), heart attack, and more. Smoking “light” cigarettes do not decrease health risks either. Bottom line: if you’re a smoker, quit for better health of not just yourself, but also your family and friends. If you don’t smoke, stay that way and don’t start.

10.  Exercise good dental hygiene

Not only does good hygiene make you a lot more desirable, it is linked with better health. Brush your teeth twice a day, rinse your mouth after each meal, and floss your teeth at night.

11.  Purge negativity from yourself

You don’t need negativity from yourself either. Listen to the thoughts that come up in your mind and get rid of the negative thoughts that you hear.

12.  Protect your skin

Avoid sunburns and sun exposure by using adequate sun bloker (SPF 50); use brimmed hats, protective clothing, and sunscreen


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