Ways to prevent Osteoporosis

1. Tobacco

Avoid smoking or using tobacco orally, it reduces blood calcium

2. Steroidal drugs

Avoid using steroidal drugs, those decreases serum calcium level

3. Serum calcium check

Get serum calcium (amount of calcium) in blood check regularly in nearest laboratory. if serum calcium is low blood takes calcium from bones called "bone resorption" leads to osteoporosis

4. Milk

Drink milk everyday, it is a rich source of calcium

5. Calcium rich food

Take calcium rich food in diet like almond, figs, beans, spinach etc...

6. Go out daily

Go out daily in early morning or evening in mild sunlight, it helps vitamin “D” formation in skin which is important for calcium absorption in body.

7. Bone Mineral Density

Get BMD (Bone Mineral Density) test done in every 6 months to monitor osteoporosis severity and treatment: and visit your doctor regularly ,for bone health check-up.


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